Urban Appeal Luxury Hair Shampoo

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Urban Appeal Luxury Hair Shampoo

The Urban Appeal ® range offers a high quality product in a stylish 30ml tube. The fragrance is fresh and appealing. Urban Appeal ® is beauty, style, nature but most of all, Urban Appeal is efficacious. It’s new and it incorporates all of the qualities of carefully selected top-end skincare and haircare ingredients, offering a total body and mind experience. 

Available in cartons of 300 with inner cartons of 50.



 How it Works

All hair shampoos, even those with similar ingredients can be very different in the way they work. A quality shampoo should have a pH level balanced between 5 – 7. This ideal pH range in shampoos and conditioners is very important for healthy hair. Consequently the formulator must understand amount of hydrogen in the solution. This is what determines whether it is acidic or alkaline. Subsequently solutions with a higher pH level will be harsher on your hair because this causes the cuticles to open up, exposing and removing oils from the interior of the hair shafts.

Slightly acidic solutions work to close and protect the hair follicle. This helps retain moisture in the hair shaft whilst removing dirt and excess oils from the hair shaft. After shampooing it is also very important to follow up with a quality moisturising conditioner. For best results use this shampoo with the Earth Sciences conditioner. 

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35ml Tubes

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