Ophir Hair Shampoo

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Ophir Hair Shampoo by Anoni Mor.

Designed to make your hair soft and tangle free, with natural shine.

Restores damaged hair.

Contains pure Coffea Extract Natural Fragrance.

No SLS, No SLES No CDEA, No Synthetic Dyes. 

Designed in Australia to give you safe products with true value.

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Ophir Hair Shampoo

Ophir Hair Shampoo, designed to make your hair soft and tangle free. These products improve natural shine. In addition they restore damaged hair. For best results use in conjunction with Ophir Conditioner.

Hair & skin care products designed on environmentally sound principles. Natural plant-based hair care and skin care formulations that provide high performance and are better for the user and also better for the planet. The Anoni Ophir Range has modern appeal. Also the Ophir range is built around value for money. Perfectly designed for guests that expect something new and different.

The fragrance will have you imagining small coffee shops in exotic locations. Because these products have a fragrance like cafe’ latte. With creamy top notes of milk, cardamom, cocoa and nutmeg. Finally this complex blend of aromas levels out to notes of vanilla, honey and coffee.

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