Slippers, Hotel Slippers and Resort Slippers

How do our Hotel Slippers, Coral Fleece Slipper and Resort Slippers lead to satisfied guests. Satisfied guests are a major factor for any hotel. Cutting corners and offering a sub standard experience can bring people in on the low room rates. This tactic doesn’t pay off in the long run, moreso if you are not the only hotel in town. Eventually return stays will dry up. Sooner or later, people will get tired of drying off with old towels, saving a few bucks here means you could loose more than your imagine. 

The Right Amenities

If you’re going to have an enjoyable stay at a hotel, you will need to have the right hotel slipper and bath robes to feel comfortable. Especially relevant, size is as important as quality. Men and women are different sizes. Without these treats your stay isn’t going to be as fun or relaxing as it should be. Travellers don’t cary robes and hotel slippers in their luggage. The robes are way too bulky and the hotel slippers are an expectation. Outside of bathroom toiletries, the top two apreciated hotel amenities are closed-toe plush velour slippers and a bath robe. Put an emphasis on your guests taking the slippers home with them. They can enjoy the memory longer (with you logo on them) consequently you won’t have to dispose of them and they get reused at home.

Getting Reviews

These days when people travel, they do it on the internet first. They want to make sure all of the necessities are figured out. They rely on sites like Trip Advisor and other customers reviews. The best way to get those reviews is to ask them to leave a review, and you need to earn a good customer review. Give your guests a great stay, look after their needs, supply their Hotel Slippers, Coral Fleece or Resort Slipper and have a small business card asking for a review or some feedback. Read more on getting reviews here.

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