Urban Appeal

The Urban Appeal Range is still under development. At this stage many of its elements have been defined. We are now in collaboration with the potential users to hone the final touches.  

For anyone who wants something new and different. Something appealing, here is the opening of a high-quality toiletries range that includes hints of vanilla, warm spices with a touch of amber and a hint of musk.

These bath products are made with the highest quality emollients to moisturize and soften your skin. They provide a luxurious bathing experience that is ideal for dry skin and also for when you want an indulgent bath experience. The base of Sweet Almond Oil has been long been embraced as a natural beautifier. It helps the skin by reducing moisture loss. Balancing the Sweet Almond Oil with Jojoba Oil makes it is easily absorbed by the skin. Also this ensures it does not leave greasy or tacky residuals on your skin.

However you will have to wait and see!

This product should be available in September 2017

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