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Anoni Mor is a leading wholesale supplier of quality hotel soap in Australia. We are your go to supplier for pleat wrapped soaps and sachet wrapped soaps, either alone or within matching a product range. We provide specialty guest soaps, hotel soaps, pleat wrapped soaps, sachet wrapped soaps, leaf shaped soaps and round shaped soaps, boxed soaps and square soaps. 

Production Runs

Also we can manufacture tailor made solutions to suit your needs, backed by our understanding of the importance of branding. Contact us, armed with your best offer, to discuss your needs before making that final decision. You will find our specialized services focused and unmatched when you need to design and develop exclusively branded toiletries for your hotel.

Whats in our soaps

Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) are used in soap making as secondary lathering agents. Also the palm oil component contributes to a harder bar of soap and therefore Palm Oil is arguably one of the best oils for producing soap in terms of quality and efficiency.

We purchases palm oil and palm oil noodles from vendors who are members of the RSPO – Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil. This organisation is also known as the RSPO. We support the RSPO in their long term vision and goals of viable and sustainable palm oil production. Please click here to read current news and updates on palm oil production where you will find scholarly articles on Palm Oil. You can confirm our RSPO membership here. 

For Distributors and Hotels wanting to investigate individual branding our tailor made solutions can help you develop that perfect soap for your needs.

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