Hotel Amenities – Luxury and exclusive guest toiletries

Luxury hotel amenities and exclusive guest toiletries from Australian designers

Well known for memorable niche hotel brand designs

Hotel Amenities and Toiletries

Discover why a growing number of hotels and hospitality providers choose exclusive hotel amenities and Hotel cosmetics brands by Anoni Mor. Guided by their focus and perception our team designs exclusive guest cosmetics. Using high quality ingredients, unique packaging designs and expert aromacology.

We create our signature brand hotel amenities ranges to meet the demand of medium and small scale luxury hotel brands. We design each collection of hotel toiletries to be identifiable by it’s high quality, unique packaging design and exclusive fragrance. Guided by our in house aromatherapist.  We especially use only the safest eco-friendly formulations in our guest toiletries without harmful additives. Thus totally avoiding such ingredients as parabens or phthalates. Also designing each collection to create a memory that will set our hospitality operators apart from their competition. Especially relevant information about designing a special style of cosmetics to suite your property is on the link below. Find information to guide you on fragrance, liquids, oils, bottles and tubes.

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