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Featured Ranges

Earth Sciences

A luxury hair & skin care products designed on environmentally sound principles.

Urban Appeal

Premium hair, body & lifestyle products combining the finest ingredients. Skin and hair care products that deliver.


The Ophir range is modern and different. Australian design built around value without compromising quality.

Eco Basic Essentials

Orange oil & Sage Oil provide a calmative and soothing fragrance that is uplifting to the mind.

About Anoni Mor

The brand was founded by Anoni Mor during the 1940’s. – Inspired by her interest in the beauty industry and her family’s background knowledge in the apothecary business. So inspired she set about educating herself in the knowledge of cosmetics. Enchanted by her desire to create natural skin products that deliver on their promise she evolved her direction turning her dream into a reality. This direction is still active in the company today. Manufacturing luxury guest toiletries and indulgent, earth friendly guest amenities, soaps and toiletries for discerning hoteliers. We also produce retail lines and we are able to cater to your specific needs. We can customise our product solutions to your exact specifications with our tailor made program.

Brand Story